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World experience in combating counterfeiting possible to distinguish the following types of counterfeit medicines:

The most dangerous kind - a medicine dummy. This is when in a colorful package contains no means of healing substances. Take such a drug is absolutely safe even inside, but in any case where drugs are waiting for the ambulance, the "security" turns deadly: a heart attack does not stop, and develops, the child is not gaining weight, and die of starvation ...

Another type of forgery - a drug that simulates the treatment. Healing substance inside is really found, but cheaper and less effective. This medication is able to fool even the physician who oversees the patient improvement, but not at the pace in which expected.

The third type of fake medicines - reducing the dose of beneficial agent (when it is expensive, then it would be desirable to make more packages) or, alternatively, the excess. This happens when the substance is overdue and needs to be more to sell to not to waste (here the logic is not clear - perhaps nazhivesh, paying for the same money more, and even at the risk, thereby?).

The last of the detected types of forgery - the drug understudy. This is when a manufacturer puts into the drug substance and the right in the correct proportions, but is penalized for JavaScript. This serious defect can be detected only at the stage of quality control.

However, no culling does not interfere with inactive drugs enter the market and generate huge profits. These "drugs" fails to produce a flawless supporting documentation, that is a separate fishery suppliers. So that no one is immune to the pharmacy trade fake.

Counterfeit drugs are found in all countries, and it is possible to develop common rules for all patients. Everyone should learn how to distinguish the true remedy against counterfeiting.

The first commandment of the patient: no need to buy a medicine that is not prescribed by a doctor. A common situation where people take drugs to help their relatives and friends. Do not have to swallow drugs "an acquaintance." Reduce the risk of meeting with a fake.

The Second Commandment: Do not buy drugs with it.

The third rule of thumb to buy medicine, it is desirable in the same pharmacy, but in any case not in the pharmacy kiosk, mobile Canadian Pharmacy, "pharmacy on wheels", "pharmacy closer to home." Experts argue that the fake drugs are most often found in such "unstable" outlets.

The fourth rule of the patient states that if there was the slightest doubt about the authenticity of the drug, require the pharmacist certificate of conformity. It must be remembered that this document should be specified and the international trade name of the drug, the manufacturer, the dosage. If doubt crept into the pharmacy at the hospital, the certificate there another sample. It should not be granted to the group of medicines, and for each separately. If you show the "Group" certificate, then it is suspicious.

The Fifth Commandment: doubts about the authenticity can be solved by a specialist. Talk to your doctor or to another pharmacy employee. Show them the package annotation - they learn to understand such things.

The Sixth Commandment: If the doctor prescribed medicine for you, what did not write before you get it in the pharmacy, consult the handbook. He is not at home? He now has in any library. Properties of the drug and manufacturing plant, on the packaging, should coincide with the book version.

Seventh rule: do not take the time to throw away the package already used drugs. When buying, you can compare the following boxes. Discovered discrepancies you can discuss, as already mentioned, a doctor or a pharmacist from another Canadian pharmacy.

Finally, the eighth commandment: do not need to buy medicine, "prescribed" advertising. Not only because there are also some counterfeits but mainly due to the fact that there is no harmless drugs each have side effects. Take care of yourself. And even if the advertised drug is listed in the list of special grace for no money, it's not worth trying for yourself.

The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to evaluate the market of counterfeit medicines. It is reported that most counterfeits accounted for antibiotics - 42 percent. According to our Ministry of Health, in the country even more counterfeit antibiotics - 47%. Second are hormonal preparations - 11%. 7% are drugs that improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, to antifungal agents and analgesics.

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