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Welcome, dear visitor! On our medical portal you can learn about the causes and symptoms of various pathologies. Lesions of the skin, internal organs, musculoskeletal system and other parts of the body is the reason for seeking medical attention. Treatment of diseases of experts appointed by the narrow profile.

Our project will inform about the use of certain drugs pharmacological groups. On it you will find a list of drugs for the treatment of various diseases. Anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, hormonal, antibacterial agents effective in treating many diseases. If conservative treatment does not work, surgery is used.

For the diagnosis and treatment of diseases using modern medical equipment. Some devices can be purchased on their own for the control of their own health. A wide range of medical equipment allows you to replace traditional surgery procedures without large incisions.

Leading role in medicine takes dentistry. Oral diseases often lead to serious complications. Even a small amount of carious dentin is the source of infection. This explains the need for timely treatment.

If there is no possibility of an early visit to a doctor, comes to help traditional medicine. Her methods are effective in the control of small disturbances and serious pathologies. This experience of healing was formed thousands of years. Most of the funds - organic produce and herbs. The use of gentle healing methods has virtually no contraindications. This and other useful information to help you be healthy and strong!

For each medicine and its counterpart on the site are approximate rates that are updated every month, a brief description and the official instruction manual.
For expensive medicines we offer special discounts that can be discussed with our managers on an individual basis. Please note that the discount cards are not cumulative. When ordering, you can specify only one of the two cards.

Step checkout begins when you press the button in the shopping cart "checkout". In the checkout process includes all items that are present in the basket, and in the amount of what you have specified for each of the selected items. After that, you will be prompted to enter your contact data (some fields are required) and delivery method. The order is ready, press the "confirm order", you will see the document - a printout of your order on the computer screen. A few minutes later the same document you will receive an e-mail. At this point we begin to develop your order, after a while you will contact our pharmacist for details of the order and delivery.

If you even know about the name of the drug or a product, you should use the quick search window that is on every page eApteki.ru. In the search box you can type in the trade name of product, manufacturer's name as a whole, and some fragments of words. If you make a mistake in writing, you - you will be given the correct spelling of the product. If you are unsure how to write the first few letters of the title product.

You no longer need to search for necessary preparation in all pharmacies of the city. We have a wide range of medicines and health products - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just go to the site and buy everything you need. After placing your order you will be contacted and our managers will agree details of the delivery. We appreciate your time!