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If you need to buy drugs or find a pill in pharmacies, then you've come to the right place. With this section you can quickly find the right medication, find out the prices of different suppliers.

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You, dear users, through the WEB service "Pharmacy Background" get the opportunity to quickly and fast search of medicines and medical products. Specialists information center constantly accompany (make additions and changes) Register of Medicinal Products. In addition to the directories every pharmacy on request can get all the data on the availability of drugs in the city and make them available to its visitors.

PHARMACY Medical Center diagnosis and prevention - affordable, quality, professional! Consultation "second opinion" - FREE (prescribed by a doctor other medical facilities). Evaluation of rational choice of drugs, the clinical effect of the presence and severity of side effects, compatibility with other drugs, the bioavailability of drugs. Consultations of medical specialists: therapist, neurologist, rheumatologist, therapist, cardiologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, mycologist, dermatologist, surgeon, gynecologist, mammalogy, endocrinologist, urologist and others.

Pediatric service: full medical support of children from birth to 15 years, consulting a pediatrician, pediatric cardiologist, pediatric surgery, orthopedic trauma, the allergist-immunologist and others. Vaccination - drawing up an individual plan of preventive vaccinations, schools for parents. More than 1,500 kinds of analyzes.

We all occasionally get sick and need medication. Sometimes we need a simple means of a cold or cough, and sometimes something more serious, sold by prescription only. In any case, a drug with a specific range of effects needed to buy. The question arises, where to do it easier, faster and more economical? It seems that everyone knows what to buy goods on the Internet profitable. But whether it's drug approval? After all, here in the first place is not only the price but also the quality of the drug. Can survive shipping tainted food or faulty equipment, but the fake or expired drugs can cost health or even life.
Let's compare the prices of medicines online, opening at random a few sites large network of pharmacies. We see a significant variation in prices for the same drug.

Agree, when you need to buy a lot of products, such margin has a budget. Note the approximate range, and the next day go to any pharmacy on the way home. You'll be unpleasantly surprised to find out the price of drugs, but there are certain to be higher. Especially on popular drugs.
Therefore, first, superficial conclusion - the prices of medicines in pharmacies on the Internet below. At least, if you are not satisfied with the price of pills on one site, it's 5 minutes to open a dozen sites and choose the best offer. And coming to a regular pharmacy and unpleasantly surprised at the high price, somehow did not have a desire to walk a couple of blocks to a nearby pharmacy.

When choosing online pharmacy is required to read reviews and view the license shown on the site. No license - do not even think to buy anything there. Can bring anything you want - from a defective batch to poor-quality fakes. Not be amiss to look at the websites of state agencies, how to look properly executed license to sell drugs. If all data is correct, and the reviews are positive in most - shopping. Note that the increase in drug prices are seasonal. In autumn and spring flows from colds and flu always grow in value. Just buy them in advance, they are stored for a long time.