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Increase in drug prices has become a sore point. No wonder the situation was forced to intervene government. It announced its intention to introduce a mechanism for strict control over pricing in this area. Amendments to the legislation will be developed in the near future. Is it possible to buy expensive medicine today?

Peering into the Internet and looking at a number of print media, we have seen: homegrown ratings "cheap drugstore chains" today lack. But whether they deserve trust? Having conducted its own investigation, we found that the methods of preparation of these "ratings" are taken, to put it mildly, with the ceiling. The most common technique of expert lovers - compare prices for the same drug in different pharmacies chains.

Believe such generalizations should not be because of the very simple. Calling a number of pharmacies belonging to different drugstore chains, we have seen that even in the same network prices for the same medicine can be very different.
Malice pharmacists in the current situation is not. The price of the drug in a particular pharmacy influenced by different factors, including room rental. However, the main is becoming the time of purchase medicine pharmacy chain. It is understandable that because of inflation each new batch of drugs more previous.

In the last month, price growth has slowed down some medications. Played a role statement policymakers, business they responded adequately. However, the overall increase in prices still can not be avoided. His next turn is possible in May, by this time, according to our estimates, pharmacies will be sold remaining stocks bought in October-November last year. A significant effect of devaluation occurred in December-January. Then purchased drugs come onto the market just now.

In general, until the end of the year may rise in the cost of drugs by 20 percent. And it is equally touched, both imported and domestic products. Firstly, the domestic manufacturers still use imported substance. Secondly, they do not have the financial "safety cushion" like their Western counterparts.

Where to buy cheap drugs can yet? Yes, it can be the Internet pharmacy. Buy drugs online has become as simple as go online. Suffice it to view the site pharmacy to place an order and wait for delivery of the drug. Convenient, but ...

The danger of this business is. Buy medicine on the Internet possible, but confidence in its authenticity is not. Check the virtual pharmacy is very difficult. In addition, regulatory authorities may not be aware of its existence. Maybe it was due to defective products, this pharmacy offers depressed prices. It should be particularly wary if the price of goods is very low, that is significantly different from the prices in the real pharmacy.

It is clear that the online pharmacy drug will be cheaper by reducing wastage in the premises, equipment, staff, etc. But there is another danger. Some drugs must be kept at a certain temperature. And you do not know whether there is a virtual pharmacy refrigerator, and what's the temperature. The Council, in this situation, you can give only one - to buy only proven pharmaceutical items (both virtual and real). This will help to some extent to avoid forgery.

Well, of course, if the relevant regulatory authorities can check each pharmacy. This gives a certain guarantee of quality. After all, we buy the drug in the hope that he will help us, and not because we just want to take it.

So, where to buy cheap medicine, we understand. Are two basic ways to save on pharmaceutical products - it's either buy aftermarket products (generics), or purchase medicines from the online pharmacy. Each of these methods has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Disease today, "beat" is not only our health but also on the wallet. Coming to the pharmacy, we often lay out a tidy sum for medicines that should take us to his feet. But few people know that there is almost always cheaper analogues of imported drugs - generic.

Of course, certain advantages of expensive drugs is: the degree of purification, the presence of additional additives, the absence of these or other side effects, more force of impact. However, as physicians, generics have said therapeutic effect is the same formula as the "original", but released them by other manufacturers. In addition, cheap drugs almost fake - it is not economically viable. Demand as the "original" branded medicines and generics - it all depends on the financial capacity of the patient. However, not many people know about the existence of cheaper counterparts, which is why almost every visit to the drugstore turns considerable expenditure.

For convenience, the table below shows popular drugs and their cheaper counterparts.